Seven Carats™ is a professional and bespoke crystal customizing service. Available for mobile phones, iPhones, Blackberry's, iPads, iPods, laptops, clothing, car accessories, riding helmets, champagne/ wine bottle and glasses, microphones, musical instruments or any other accessory that your heart desires. Nothing is too small or too big, we can apply crystals onto virtually any item.

From corporate to custom, the award-winning crystallizers at Seven Carats™ can give your brand, product, logo, personal items that special sparkle that gets you noticed, using only the marvellous CRYSTALLIZED™ SWAROVSKI  ELEMENTS, as they sparkle and dazzle like no other crystals in the market. Swarovski Crystals are available in a beautiful spectrum of colours.

Let us make you stand out from the crowd at your next trade show exhibition, engagement party, bachelorette, wedding, and even if you are an event/wedding planner, contact us to create memorable merchandising and favours.

At Seven Carats, we are all about creating a buzz.

All our creations are made with a lot of love, and a hell of a lot of dedication.
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